How To Start Collecting Art And Make It Affordable

sam toft printsDespite what many people think, you do not need to be rich to collect art. You may just have a general interest in art, or you could be looking for something better to hang on the walls at home than the usual stuff that is provided in the local furniture retailers.

Collecting original paintings from famous artists that are no longer with us today will probably be quite expensive for you. However, there are many cheaper options that you can collect at affordable prices that you can still enjoy.

What you really want to look out for are limited edition prints. As the name suggests, these are prints of an artwork produced by a range of artists that are only intended to release a limited number of them, such as: Iain Faulkner, Jennifer Hogwood, Debbie Boon, Quentin Blake and Sam Toft prints.

Be careful, as there are many cheap reproductions of famous artwork, mass produced images and posters that are marked as art, but at the end of the day, these are just decorative and have no value as artworks.

These are no way intended to be mass produced and therefore typically the artist will sign each one and will be regarded as authentic works of art with real long-term value. This provides access to the work from some of the best artists today. Limited edition prints provide an affordable alternative to the higher cost paintings.

There are many famous artists that produce limited-edition prints. For many, these artists may not be as famous as some of the greats that we all know and love. However, the prints that these artists provide are of amazing beauty and are more affordable to the general public.

These pieces are fun to collect and are generally inexpensive, smaller pieces and are produced in large would edition and sizes. Over time you can get a fantastic collection of these art pieces for a few hundred pounds and you won’t be spending any more than you would if you picked up the mass produced prints.

These contemporary art prints means you can collect from the best artists that are alive today. They offer a significantly lower risk from buying expensive art and is a great way to learn the world of collecting art. Even if you have a good interest in art start collecting now with a limited budget.