Collecting Sports Memorabilia Is A Great Hobby With Financial Reward

signed sports memorabiliaThese days it’s not enough to to see your favourite team play their game and cheering them on their way to victory. Today, it means buying the latest program. Wearing the latest football shirt and looking like a walking advertising board for your favourite team. Collecting signed sports memorabilia in the UK is a massive industry in itself and is built on the sale of sporting merchandise relating to your favourite team.

Today’s merchandise isn’t designed to last a lifetime. English football shirts change every season and have two or three away football kicks that also change every season. Generally old sportswear is chucked towards the back of the wardrobe as junk, cluttering up your house before discovered and then thrown out because it is outdated and old.

However, as a hardened fan you can choose your memorabilia wisely, taking out the quality stuff and avoiding the rubbish, which you can then keep and enjoy forever.

Collecting memorabilia in the UK of your favourite sporting team or event is a hobby, however for others it’s a great business opportunity with excellent financial reward.

Tracking down the memorabilia that is in great condition, authentic and signed by your favourite sporting icon is a big business as you can sell the item for a profit and make some good money. If an item is rare, which means there are only a small number of products or merchandise and could be signed by a famous sports person is very valuable. Collecting the merchandise from your favourite sporting team can give you a very satisfying time as many hobbyists find out. If you are trying to find that last piece to complete your collection or find a piece of memorabilia that you’ve been wanting for a very long time is very satisfying.

There are many things to remember when you start collecting memorabilia. Merchandise is only considered memorabilia when they have been authenticated to confirm that they have been signed by the original famous person. Having an authenticated piece of memorabilia will significantly increase the value of it. If you had an item that is not signed and cannot be confirmed as genuine then it’s generally classed as a collectable. However there is a massive demand for both collecting memorabilia and collectables, but if you get an opportunity to confirm the authentication of a piece of merchandise it will certainly give you more financial rewards and be more satisfying.

Consider what kind of collector you are. Decide on your favourite sporting team or event and determine what you would like to collect. There are many great places to find memorabilia or general merchandise either online using the Internet to track down items, or at your local sports shop. eBay is a great way to find a lot of sellers that specialise in this kind of product, but be careful that you know what you are buying to avoid disappointment. You can use the Internet to find specialist retailers who have a shop and then visit the shop to see the merchandise or the memorabilia first-hand.  There are many good stores that are dedicated in offering sporting memorabilia.

It is possible to get items from car boot sales or you can go direct to the sporting event where your favourite team hangout, such as the stadium, and ask for your favourite sports stars signature.

No matter where you buy your product from ensure that its genuine, especially if you’re collecting for financial reasons and you plan to sell it on.

Understand your market and be clear as to what you are looking for and what you want to buy. Do your research as to what you want to purchase so that when you are purchasing the memorabilia for the first time you know what to look for.