Accident Management is a Vital Part of Fleet Vehicle Management

car  accidentToday’s fleets, whether two vehicles or more, require additional reports and supervision. It is a situation that easily over-tasks company administration. An effective vehicle management company takes the burden of managing and maintaining your commercial vehicle fleet from your shoulders. Regular tracking and reporting provides accurate answers to any legal compliance issues. If there’s an accident, repair services are available to get the vehicles back on the road.

Cost Efficiency and Increased Control

Reduce operating costs while increasing control of activities by selecting the controls that fit your processes and procedures. CSI scoring is available online so you can check customer satisfaction results at any time as well as:

  • Centralised complaints process
  • Performance reporting
  • Net promoter survey capability and reporting

Accident Management Services

A completely approved insurer repair centre for many insurance carriers, National Accident Repair Group (National-ARG) handles your fleet requirements and offer full accident management services. Our cost-efficient repair service returns Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) and Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) to duty quickly. The company has an extended network that provides quality service ranging from fleet cars to 44 ton tractor units. Full refurbishments and minor accident repairs are performed by certified members and associates.

Full accident and repair services eliminate the worry over recovery of commercial vehicles. National-ARG full UK coverage includes:

  • Manufacturer approved repair
  • Fully equipped facilities including jig repair
  • 24/7/365 recovery service

Driver Support

Quick, efficient delivery keeps customers happy and contracts in place. The good reputation earns additional business. Our network provides extensive mobile repair coverage. We travel to the company or driver’s site to fix minor problems the vehicle may be having. Save money and stay efficient by avoiding towing to a repair centre. The driver can continue with deliveries once the vehicle is repaired.

Improved Fleet Vehicle Management

It’s essential that you focus on your core business. The comprehensive accident management facilities of National-ARG and their 3rd party providers are ready to handle the requirements of fleet vehicle management. In some cases, the cost may be a factor that leads you to request less expensive, but appropriate, solutions. Examples include:

Professional repair rather than replacement

  • Customer-approved recycled parts
  • Centrally monitored parts vs labour ratios
  • Member review of average repair costs
  • Claims Management and Centre

Analysis of automated data collection provides information regarding trends, ratios and exceptions. Use our system to follow claim progress and cost tracking. The Central Claims Centre is open every day of the week. Claims are processed by fax, telephone, email, and electronically. The following details are used to locate the proper network body shop:

  • Location
  • Specialist abilities and space/tools required
  • Manufacture approval
  • Lead time and SLAs

Customers only need call one number. We talk to the insurance company for you. Give yourself the time needed to concentrate on other parts of your business. Call National-AGR about fleet accident management today at 0330 1000 270.